A Letter from Monica

John 14: 3 “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.”

This Easter message from Jesus unequivocally describes Troy’s life after death journey. Troy believed with his whole heart, mind and soul in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his promise to us that eternity would be a joyful reunion with him and the family of believers. Troy died firmly resting in that promise, and I’m sure he is watching over his family, friends and the people of St. Paul, in unity with all the other saints who have gone before him.

In his absence, I hope you will indulge me in writing you a final letter. Were he able to do it himself, he would undoubtedly first thank you for the GREAT privilege of being your pastor. He was so honored when you placed your trust in him to come to St. Paul to be your minister. He truly put his heart and soul into this ministry, looking for ways to grow in relationships with EACH of you and into the community. He loved you (young and old), admired you as a congregation, and saw opportunities for growth in the coming years.

Second, he would thank the staff – Tammy, Julie, and Robyn – for making his job so enjoyable. He appreciated their camaraderie, their talent, their cooking (he loved the treats) and the dedication of every one of them, and their passion for the work of St. Paul.

Third, he would thank the Council for their fine leadership of the church and for their excellent stewardship and good planning for its future.

Honestly, each of you helped to make Troy’s last few months of his life so joyful. He is the only person I know who said each day he was happy. Thank you for helping make this be so!

Finally, for my part, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the welcome you gave him, me and each person we brought to visit St. Paul. You are very gracious and thoughtful people. Thank you for the prayers, cards, memorials, flowers, messages, hugs, and all of the ways you have supported me and our family during this difficult time. I believe Troy was living each day as a sinner, yes, but striving mightily to love and care for others, fully living out his calling to share the Good News. He forgave freely and genuinely and deeply loved his family, his friends and this congregation of faith. We will forever miss him.

Heaven’s choir of angels has most certainly gained another member. Knowing Troy, he probably will still want to sing Oh Holy Night though as a solo.